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Wage Benefits - Temporary Compensation


If you are disabled (unable to perform your job and under active medical care) for more than seven days, you may be eligible to receive temporary total benefits (or wage benefit).  Once you are out of work for seven days, temporary total benefits will be retroactive to the first day of disability.  

The benefit consists of 70% of the weekly wages received at the time of the injury subject to maximum and minimums as set forth in the following chart.  Your benefits cannot exceed 75% of the State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) or fall below the minimum rate of 20% of SAWW. 

New Jersey Workers' Compensation Benefits

Rates in effect on the date of accident or exposure/manifestation
 in cases of occupational exposure

  Temporary Disability Rate Permanent Partial Disability Total Disability Rate Death Benefits
1997 $496 max /$132 min $496 max /$35 min $496 max /$132 min $496 max
1998 $516 max /$138 min $516 max /$35 min $516 max /$138 min $516 max
1999 $539 max /$144 min $539 max/ $35 min $539 max /$144 min $539 max
2000 $568 max /$151 min $568 max/ $35 min $568 max /$151 min $568 max
2001 $591 max /$158 min $591 max /$35 min $591 max /$158 min $591 max
2002 $629 max /$168 min $629 max /$35 min $629 max /$168 min $629 max
2003 $638 max /$170 min $638 max /$35 min $638 max /$170 min $638 max
2004 $650 max /$173 min $650 max /$35 min $650 max /$173 min $650 max
2005 $666 max /$178 min $666 max /$35 min $666 max /$178 min $666 max
2006 $691 max /$184 min $691 max /$35 min $691 max /$184 min $691 max
2007 $711 max /$190 min $711 max /$35 min $711 max /$190 min $711 max
2008 $742 max /$198 min $742 max /$35 min $742 max /$198 min $742 max
2009 $773 max /$206 min $773 max/$35 min $773 max/$206 min $773 max
2010 $794 max/$212 min $794 max/$35 min $794 max/$212 min $794 max
2011 $792 max/$211 min $792 max/$35 min $792 max/$211 min $792 max

Temporary Disability Rate : 70% of wages with the noted maximum/minimum

Permanent Partial Disability: Rate depends on type and severity of injury, with the noted maximum/minimum

Total Disability Rate : 70% of wages with the noted maximum/minimum


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"The person who has ... been injured and who, because of his injury, is unable to work, and has a large family to support, and has no money to engage a lawyer, would be at the mercy of the person who disabled him because, being in a superior economic position, the injuring person could force on his victim, desperately in need of money to keep the candle of life burning in himself and his dependent ones, a wholly unconscionably meager sum in settlement, or even refuse to pay him anything at all. Any society, and especially a democratic one, worthy of respect in the spectrum of civilization, should never tolerate such a victimization of the weak by the mighty."    Richette v. Solomon, 187 A.2d 910, 919 (Pa.1963)
Michael A. Musmanno, Nuremberg Trial Judge

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